11 March 2020

Podcast: How to self-isolate if you get COVID-19

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You’ve probably been hearing a lot of common sense advice about coronavirus, such as ‘wash your hands properly’, ‘don’t take a train and sneeze everywhere’, ‘wear a mask if you’re ill’, ‘call the GP instead of visiting in person’, ‘self-isolate at home’ and definitely ‘don’t touch your face’.

But what does self-isolation actually look like?

And what happens if your patients live with family or live in a share house? Does everyone in the house have to self-isolate? How do they prevent the infection spreading within the house?

In this episode, Dr Charlotte Hespe, a GP based in Sydney and the current chair of the RACGP NSW and ACT faculties, provides a few sensible suggestions.

If you’re looking for more information, the Australian Department of Health has also published some guidance on how to self-isolate.

This podcast was recorded on Friday 6 March.

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